His name might be linked to South African hip hop, but DJ Milkshake has graduated beyond the genre to become a master of any dancefloor. His ability to read and rock any crowd, anywhere is what has made him one of Africa’s top-rated entertainers.

Milkshake has devoted the last ten years to honing his DJ skills and conquering dancefloors at the country’s top-rated clubs, parties and festivals. Leading national radio station 5FM snapped him up in 2010 and every Friday night from 22h00 to 01h00 he quenches SA’s thirst for club-rocking sounds on ‘The Shakedown’.

Recently, Milkshake’s was selected as the face and DJ of Castle Lite’s Summer 2013/14 TV Campaign and the Extra Cold Summer Tour which included a performance alongside US rap star Wale. Rubbing shoulders with the superstars is nothing new – a few months earlier he opened for R ‘n B sensation Neyo.

His interest in the mechanics of production led him into the studio in 2013 where he took on the role of producer. The first single on his newly established record label, ‘Living On The Edge’ – a collaboration between award-winning beatboxer George Avakian and highly-regarded emcee AKA smashed the charts receiving airplay on all the biggest local stations all over Africa.

What is it about his sonic approach that has created so much fever around the name DJ Milkshake?

This Soweto-raised DJ has conquered an industry that’s notoriously competitive and cutthroat. His ascent is tied to an undying urge better himself and what he offers the crowd. An early adopter of technology, Milkshake took full advantage of his flair for all things digital and merged this with his innate understanding of what will detonate a dancefloor – this potent combination of skill and passion allowed him to cultivate a matchless, magnetic take on club music. With his new approach, versatility and fresh style Milkshake has shaken up the established order and carved out a highly successful career for himself.

The last five years have been a whirlwind of parties, clubs, festivals and A-List events. Demand for his smouldering sets has placed him behind the controls at virtually every club and hip hop event in the country – and beyond South African borders in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia, Tanzania and Zanzibar.
Milkshake’s success is all his own. He has spent considerable time and energy moulding the distinctive sonic identity that his many fans and followers appreciate. His blossoming career was not instantaneous – but rather a lifetime in the making. Reach into his past and you’ll find a kid who would insist on playing only his cassettes in the car; a teenager whose vast music collection consumed most of his waking life.

While attending WITS University Milkshake made the realisation that DJing was the true vehicle in which to deliver his music. He co-founded the DJ Society and become of the hottest DJs on campus. This breakthrough also meant a difficult decision: his music career was beginning to conflict with his studies – and against the wishes of his parents, Milkshake decided to make music his primary focus.

Seizing the momentum of his fast-rising profile, Milkshake began reaching out to radio stations – submitting mixes to all the hottest radio shows and securing guest DJ residencies on Metro FM and later 5FM. He also claimed many titles in toughly fought DJ Competitions – in 2007 he was a finalist in Go-TV’s National DJ Competition and Runner up on Hennessey’s Artistry’s National DJ Competition. In 2009 he won the top spot in News Café’s National DJ competition – a title which took him on a tour around the country and overseas to Miami with none other than DJ Fresh. During that same trip Milkshake landed a gig in New York – proof that his hard work was starting to pay off.

With a steady-eyed focus and beats that rock any party, Milkshake has earned his place amongst the country’s top entertainers. In his exciting new role as a record label owner and artists you can be certain that the best is yet to come from this future-facing talent.