Jews For Techno AKA J40 is the shared custody lovechild of Dancey Yudelowitz and Chaim Dropabasssky. 
Yudelowitz, came to the country seeking fame & fortune and stumbled right into the golden dreadlocks of Dropabassky in the hazy summer of 2013.  Their path through the musical realm has been what one would expect from two men filled with hummus and unencumbered by the rational laws of melody and respect for the art form – wild, free and slightly nutty.
Dropabasssky, a multi-instrumentalist and miraculously, still a very good lawyer, has always been deeply entrenched in a love for a rhythm, but it is the forceful and relentless pushing of his number one passion, Mariah Carey on any poor soul who gravitates into his frenzied 90’s-fueled orbit which has cemented him in the hearts of moms and girlfriends world over. 
Pivotal in their ascension through the ranks of any number of other Afrika Burn DJ’s has been Yudelowitz’s unwavering dedication to J40. His constant presence at gigs, band practice and on-stage technical DJing ability is matched by no living human being. A supreme hype man, one can almost at times, hear and understand what he’s actually saying.