Menio Brown a.k.a. Rigopolar is an electronic music producer born in Ensenada, Mexico. Influenced by sounds of italo disco and techno, the core of his music are the mind and universe, time and space, where we come from and where we are going. And what spins around all this questions, is music.

“Greater” is his last production under the Spanish label Nazca Records, with 4 original tracks that tell a whole story in a slow future disco. This would be his second 12-inch LP after “Tour De Mal EP” released in March 2017 under the underground label Tom Tom Disco. Both LP’s had a fantastic response with many DJs and producers over the world and had a very solid chart spot in many digital stores.

It was Richard Rossa who opened the doors of Tom Tom Disco in late 2015 with his first EP entitled Golden Mask, which was the first impulse for Rigopolar to position himself in an underground scene where he found the sound he was looking for years and where he felt like at home. Some EPs and remixes of Rigopolar have been published during the last year, working hand in hand with new producers and some others “not so new” ones, looking for a connection between artists with very good results on the scene.

Tronik Youth, Heretic, Sinchi Collective, Pin Up Club, Cannibal Ink, Craig Bratley, Two mamarrachos, Daniel Kyo, JP Soul, Italo Brutalo, James Rod, Future Bones and Moo Monster are some of the artists who have hosted and supported the work of Rigopolar. He has been able to collaborate with some of them and others have played some of his tracks on dance floors around the world.