THA CUTT - Bazique

The Beatles, The Offspring, The Fugees, Biggie, Oasis. From Hip Hop and
Rock to Funk and Soul, the music that I’ve been exposed to continues to
inspire me to be the DJ that I am.

I found my beat in drums and then traded my drums for turntables, the snare drum for the mixer, cymbals for the needles and hi-hats for headphones.

To stay on the beat, I practiced on my own but it wasn’t enough. I went to
“wheels of steel” to refine the art of being a turntablist and dedicated hours of my time to the vinyls. It wasn’t talent that got me to where I am, it was my obsession. Now I move in a constant rotation of beats through the needles.

Career Highlights:

My career is in itself a highlight and I’m proud to have the track record of an international DJ.

Some of my most notable achievements include:
• 2008 DMC (South African Champion)
• 2009 DMC (South African Champion)
• 2010 Hype Magazine DJ of the Year (Nomination)
• 2012 SAHHA DJ of the Year (Nomination)
• 2012 Red Bull Threestyle (South African Champion)
• 2013 Tour DJ for Kwaai International Hip Hop Exchange.
• 2016 Resident DJ on TV Show Larger Than Life with Jason Goliath

Music is the greatest gift life has ever given me. It expresses my mood and it serves as my muse when I need inspiration. My ambition in life is to share this gift with other people – just with my personality in it.