A major presence on the UK festival circuit for over 15 years, the Secret Garden Party’s founder and impresario, The Head Gardener aka Freddie Fellowes, has always sought to push boundaries. In fact, he prefers to call this event a party rather than a festival to highlight his belief that each and every person who performs or attends is a participant, not a spectator.

To achieve this he prefers to remain independent and indeed Secret Garden Party is the largest, 100% independent, event in the UK. As a DJ he is in every sense what Tom Middleton has described as an ‘eclectrician’ – crate digging whilst unafraid to play the more familiar – He has graced a diverse a selection of shows; from NYC Fashion Week parties to The Rabbit Hole at Glastonbury & following every sort of act; from Giles Peterson to Lady GaGa. How? By sticking to the golden rule of putting the crowd on the dance floor first.