The Head Gardener @ Bazique - A 3 day reverie of Art, Music & Absurdism.

A major presence on the UK festival circuit for 15 years,  the Secret Garden Party’s founder and impresario, The Head Gardener aka Freddie Fellowes, has always sought to push boundaries.  In fact, he prefers to call his event a party rather than a festival to highlight his belief that each and every person who performs or attends is a participant not a spectator.  The Secret Garden Party is, to date, the largest fully independent outdoor event in the UK that also remained unsponsored and unbranded throughout. 2017 saw the SGPs final blow-out party and despite rumours to the contrary; new formats not repeats are ahead.

From a broader perspective Fred is not afraid to deal with issues; issues that affect not only live events but all of us.  He has shown long-term support for the charity CALM, which offers help to men and women in crisis. He has also openly addressed the issue of sexual assault at festivals, calling for a commitment to work together to minimise risk. He has also raised the issue of responsible reporting on this topic.

Last summer he pioneered drug testing in the UK by inviting LOOP and Transform to Secret Garden Party, where attendees could have illegal drugs tested for content.

This gained national and international publicity and almost universal support from the media.

Freddie is currently lobbying the UK government to end the hypocrisy surrounding the laws on controlled substances and their uses.