Trancemicsoul @ Bazique - A 3 day reverie of Art, Music & Absurdism.

Trancemicsoul’s meteoric musical journey is as inspiring as it is deserving.
From humble beginnings in his bedroom in the late 90’s he has since graced club rooms and stages from Pretoria to Barcelona. Trancemicsoul discovered vinyl at the tender age of 17 when he saw DJ’s spinning wax at a school social. Soon after he began collecting records and spinning tunes at home, teaching himself to blend sounds together. After leaving school he studied video post production, and then moved over to music production itself where he has carved out a niche with releases on prolific labels such as Seasons Limited, GOGO Music, Adaptation Music, Peppermint Jam and Peng, to name but a few.

Taking cues from House, Jazz, Down-tempo, Hip-hop, Kwaito, Broken Beats, Lounge and Electronic sounds Trance describes his sound as melancholic and deep and soulful. When he looks for music to DJ he looks beyond the beat into the attitude of the track, the style of production and most importantly the emotion it
conveys. And the world has taken notice. In 2013 he was chosen by the Red Bull Music Academy to journey to New York where he spent two weeks attending lectures, studio sessions and events as
part of the Academy schedule. He says that the RBMA experience changed him, opening his mind to the endless possibilities music has to offer. And since his return to South Africa he has played some of the country’s premier festivals including Rocking The Daisies, Oppikoppi and his unforgettable European debut at Sonar in Barcelona.

If you ask what keeps him coming back week in and week out he’ll tell you that in his gut he knows he’s been chosen for this music life, and that he can’t fight it. From the way that the people
on his dancefloors respond to his music, we hope he never does.