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Bazique Family Tree

Bazique is an amazing creative collaboration born out of the Cape Town Arts scene and produced in fabulous collaboration with two of the UK’s most revered festivals

Secret Garden Party

Roundly regarded as one of the world’s greatest ever boutique festivals, a ground-breaking bastion of outlandish ideas and iconoclastic revelry… a masterpiece of English absurdism and no handbrake fun.

The Garden Party’s top creative (and possibly idiot) savants are ensuring that the Department of Arsing About are true to their name, bringing 15 years of passion and original ideas to ensure Bazique is a show never seen on these shores before.

Be prepared.

Wolfkop Weekender

Wolfkop Weekender was born in mid 2013 when a farmer and a DJ met at a dinner party. By the beginning of the next year the first event was underway and 120 people gathered in the orchards for the first time, dancing and swimming in front of a tiny stage that played host to five friends and DJ’s from Cape Town. Ten festivals later and Wolfkop has established it’s self as a content contender on the SA festival circuit, doing two riverside festivals and one dessert town festival a year.

Driven by a purest desire to deliver nothing but the very best electronic music and an incomparable sensory experience, the team behind Wolfkop has put heart and soul into colouring every little corner of their productions. This and an independent outlook on how a festival should run gives their events an atmosphere that feels homely whether it’s your first or your tenth time attending, an atmosphere created as much by the people who attend as the people who put it on. Summer, winter and spring events annually.

Cape Town Electronic Music Festival

Established in 2012 as a platform for South Africa’s burgeoning Electronic music culture and industry, Cape Town Electronic Music Festival (CTEMF) is  recognised worldwide as one of the most relevant, forward-thinking events on Africa’s music festival calendar.
With previous headline acts such as Dixon, Ame, Dave Clarke, Nosia, Heidi, and Four Tet, CTEMF also shines the limelight on local artists, helping them rub shoulders with some of the best Electronic artists on the planet and breakthrough to the international market.


Diskotekah is a conceptual brand that seeks to cultivate an alternative creative scene in South Africa.

The event, which was originally established to fill the gap in the local queer scene, has developed into a outlet for creatives to express themselves through various forms including music, fashion, art and drag!

The inspiration for Diskotekah is an immersive party experience set in a post-apocalyptic paradise and can best be described as an art installation set to techno music.

Diskotekah is committed to cultivating an authentic community of individuals regardless of age, race, religion, sexuality or gender identity.

The goal of Diskotekah is to allow those people liberal in self-expression an opportunity to escape from reality for a little while, while encouraging others to think about how they represent themselves to the world.

Our advice? Throw a little glitter on it!



Sexy Groovy Love

Summer is as close to paradise as it gets. The burn of the sun, the cool, refreshing touch of water, and the positive sizzle in the air make our spirits rise, bringing out the party-lover within all of us. It’s this atmosphere we crave, it’s the euphoric vibe that makes us come together.

Sexy Groovy Love is a boutique festival that combines all of the facets we love about the outdoor journey. That building anticipation during the week followed by the wonder of arriving at the utopian, dream-like venue. This is fulfilled by exploring, meeting new people and getting absorbed into the positive energy channelled from the wide smiles and good vibes

Silent Events

Our friends at Silent Events will once again be bringing their excellent, 3 channel multi genre headphone shindig to Bazique , doing pop up parties over the weekend.. look out for them !

Bridges for Music

We are proud to be in partnership with Bridges For Music who this year are curating The Kraal, a new stage where the African inspired Live Bands live alongside a feast  electronic dance music.

Each year, proceed’s from Bazique will contribute funding to help with the development of the amazing Bridges For Music school in Langa – for more details on the project visit

Into The Wild

Into the Wild is a sanctuary of playful abandonment which showcases only the finest progressive trance and techno, both grown locally and imported. Their philosophy is to fill environments immersed in nature with uniquely crafted art installations, vibrant visuals, and unique musical journeys. ITW has fast become an escape from the conventional, and a wondrous new space to dance.

Summer Camp

Summer Camp is a creative space for like minded people to disconnect and switch off, in a non judgemental space. Focussing on excellent local talent Summer Camp has become a space to play, relax and appreciate great music.

Daniel Popper

Daniel is the Festival Art Director and will be delivering a series of bespoke, immersive entertainment areas the like of which have never before been seen in SA.

Daniel is a multi disciplinary artist specializing in interactive art and large scale architectural installations at festivals and in public spaces, stage design, installation art, interior design and theater.

Daniel has a growing interest in collaborating with technology gurus innovating in merging sculpture with electronic music, LED and projection Mapping.



The Sunroom is a boutique production company based in Cape Town, South Africa. Our curated roster features exceptional local and global talent. We are visually driven storytellers, masterful in live-action events, design, mixed-media, costuming and performance techniques.

We have a passion for creative content in all forms of eventing. This spans original concept design of the project from seed idea to post production, including stage and set design, a wide array of modern chic to vintage bohemian performers and costumes, props, sound-scapes and huge art visuals woven together with a slick military production.

The Sunroom is a family of AV specialists, musicians, directors, designers, animators and performers held together by two producers, Andrew Florenca and Will Hutton.

We are passionate about the work we do.


Healing Daydream Wellness Spa


Beyond just going out. With Howler™, every moment matters. The platform that’s dedicated to letting you experience entertainment the way you want. Find events you love, get through the door in a flash, and transact with a tap.