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There are several ways to join the Bazique Family !



Bazique is partly  an open source creative  – in other words some of the content is generated by you, the Bazique massive.

So, if you are of the creative disposition, we want to hear about your ideas and we have some Art Grants available to fund em – pl check out the Art Grant application form here

** We are especially interested to hear from you if you want to make an Artboat ** . If you wanna know more about Artboats check it out here


If you volunteer for any of the positions below, you will get a free ticket to the festival in return for two 4 hours shifts ( ie 8 hours total) over the course of the weekend. You still have to buy a ticket – but once you have completed your shift it will be refunded.


Bazique is a leave no trace event with a strong commitment to our environmental policy and we need people to help us make sure that happens. You will work as part of a team that helps educate Bazique goers to not throw trash on the ground and to keep the campsites tidy – you dont need to have any experience – but you do need to have a a friendly, outgoing personality and be good with people To volunteer to join the Green Team apply here


We think this is self explanatory …..if it isnt, this is probably not the job for you :)

To Volunteer for the Info Stall apply here