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The Dept of Arsing About

This is where the Secret Garden Party come into their own working together with Cape Town’s beloved local production house,  The Sunroom.

Expect cirque, silliness, situation comedy, performance art and irreverent unbridled fun !

Focusing on getting you involved in becoming part of the canvas of the festival.

Human Ten Pin Bowling

Another gem from The Secret Garden Party and not for the faint hearted,  but very, very funny…

All you gotta do to play is sign the personal damage waiver…

Fashion Weak

Saturday afternoon on the Dance Duel Stage….high fashion meets extreme fancy dress. Festival guests on the cat walk are judged on the crowds response….  With Vogue lessons and heats by Mad Donna and highly bribable judges.  Huge prizes of uncertain desirability for the winning costumes……

Mermaiding Workshops

Realise your lifelong dream of becoming a mermaid or being a sailor and one chatting up… the choice is yours, you will have to get wet either way!

The Dance Duel

An hilarious selection of dance battles with different music categories for you  to shake a leg to and win boozy prizes! Show us your moves and reap juicy rewards. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional dancer or a bedroom mirror diva, this is the place to come and shine, there are no losers and only performances of wildy varying quality garnering massive applause.

MC Dick Steele and The Rubbish DJ’s.