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Here are several ways to join the Bazique Family!


Bazique is an open source creative – in other words a lot of the creative content is generated by you, the Bazique massive.

We would love to to hear about your ideas and we have some small Art Grants / free tickets available to fund them 

Please check out the Art Grant application form here.


If you volunteer for Bazique, you will get a free ticket to the festival in return for two 4-hour shifts (i.e. 8 hours total) over the course of the weekend. You still have to buy a ticket – but once you have completed your shift it will be refunded.


Bazique is a leave no trace event with a strong commitment to our environmental policy and we need people to help us make sure that happens. You will work as part of a team that helps educate Bazique-goers to keep things tidy, not throw trash on the ground and to keep the campsites & arenas looking good. To volunteer to join the Green Team apply here.